Urban biorefineries for a circular bioeconomy

26th of June (09:00 – 16:00)

The urban biorefinery concept came up to promote the recovery of energy and value resources contained in urban waste to be used as a raw and secondary materials to create new value chains. This Workshop deals with the last innovative developments on the re-use and re-cycling of urban waste into high added-value products for a sustainable the society. Urban waste includes Municipal Solid Waste, Green Waste, Wastewater, and Sewage Sludge. The Workshop aims to be a contact point between Scientific, Academia, Industry, and Administration to share, discuss, and promote initiatives over the last developments in European cities within the European Green Deal over the base of the Horizon 2030. The Workshop is promoted in the framework of the European Project H2020.JTI.BBI DEEP PURPLE and shows last advances in a dedicated Session, and over the general subject through two consecutive Open Sessions where the most relevant novelties will be presented and discussed in a Round Table with relevant representatives from Academia, Industry and Administration. The intended audience includes junior and senior researchers and technologists aiming to enlarge their knowledge on Urban Biorefineries.

Dr. Daniel Puyol, Senior Researcher
Department of Chemical and Environmental Technology. University Rey Juan Carlos.
Expert on environmental biotechnology processes for resource recovery from waste
Dr. Victor Monsalvo, Head of Eco-efficiency Area, Innovation and Technology Department
Expert on innovative technologies for the efficient use of water and resources

Tentative Agenda

  Monday (26th June)

Urban biorefineries for a circular bioeconomy

09:00  Introduction
09:15 Presentation of the Deep Purple Project
10:00   Advances from Deep Purple Project
11:00  Coffee break
11:30  Invited Keynote Speaker

Open Session I: Novel Processes and Technologies in Urban Biorefineries

12:45  Open Session II: Sustainability, Marketability and Industrialization of Urban Biorefineries
13:30  Lunch Break
15:00  Round Table
16:00 Closure

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