Water reuse and resource recovery at decentralized level in MED area

26th of June (10:30 - 13:00)

The workshop will be held within the framework of the HYDROUSA project (H2020 Innovation action project – Grant agreement No 776634).

The objective of the workshop is to create a fruitful dialogue among water practitioners (water utilities, researchers, SMEs, water professionals, technology providers, policy makers) on the necessity of solutions for water reuse and resource recovery at decentralised water scarce areas in the Mediterranean Region.

The output of the workshop will be the identification of the main barriers and opportunities regarding these applications and especially nature-based solutions (NBS), closing the water-loops and recovering valuable resources. Emphasis will be given on the valorisation of non-conventional water resources for sustainable water management and recovery of valuable nutrients and energy, focusing on water-stressed regions at decentralised level. In addition, the benefits and challenges arising from the implementation of low-cost NBS will be discussed within the latest EU legislative framework on water-reuse.


Dr. Simos Malamis
Associate Professor
Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering School of Civil Engineering, National Technical University of Athens.
Expert on water/wastewater treatment and resource recovery
Francesco Fatone
Professor of Chemical-Environmental Engineering at the Università Politecnica delle Marche in Italy.
He is IWA Fellow and leader of Vision Leadership Team “Circular Water” in Water Europe
Fabio Masi
R&D Manager and Technical Director of IRIDRA Srl
Vice-President of Global Wetland Technology since 2012
He has more than 30 years of experience in sustainable water management and nature-based solutions for wastewater treatment.
Gianluigi Buttiglieri
Research scientist at the Catalan Institute for Water Research (ICRA, Girona, Spain).
Experience in wastewater treatment, circular economy, and decentralized wastewater treatment systems for water reuse (including nature-based solutions) and the fate of organic micropollutants.
Ivan Blanco
Project manager at Aqualia´s Department of Innovation and Technology.
He holds a PhD in treatment wetlands and has several years of experience implementing NBS in the water industry. He is currently managing the LIFE INTEXT and H2020 NICE projects in Aqualia.
Lucia Gusmaroli
European Project Area Manager of the Catalan Water Partnership
She holds a PhD in Water Science and Technology from the University of Girona and the Catalan Institute of Water Research focusing on contaminants of emerging concern in freshwater and wastewater. Her activities mainly encompass fostering collaborative R&D projects at regional and national level as well as leading CWP’s involvement in EU-funded projects.


10:30 Introduction

10:35 HYDROUSA project: Valorizing non-conventional water sources at a decentralized level – Simos Malamis, National Technical University of Athens

10:55 Poll questions

11:00 NBS integration with grey infrastructure at small scale – Fabio Masi, IRIDRA  

11:15 Innovative hybrid INTensive – EXTensive resource recovery from wastewater in small communities – Iván Blanco, Aqualia   

11:30 Barriers for valorizing non-conventional water sources at decentralized level – Francesco Fatone, Polytechnic University of Marche   

11:45 How can the WEFE-NEXUS support resource recovery at a decentralized level – Evina Katsou, Brunel University   

12:00 Emerging contaminants and Water Reuse - Gianluigi Buttiglieri, ICRA      

12:15 Discussion Moderator - Lucia Gusmaroli, Catalan Water Partnership    

13:00 End of the session

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